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ABACUS BEE RESCUE - Non-lethal beekeeper bee removal, collection & rescue in the south west of England.

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Tel: 01823 664509

  • Expert bee removal from property
  • All work conducted by a beekeeper and builder with over 30 years experience
  • Non-lethal, live honey bee and comb removal whenever possible
  • Abacus Bee Rescue - working to save bees

Abacus Bee Rescue and beekeeper bee removal safely removes bee swarms from property or anywhere that bees are swarming, nesting or causing a nuisance.

Beekeeper Bee Removal - Over 30 years of expertise in beekeeping

Specialists in Humane Bee Removal

Abacus beekeeper bee removal provides a unique combination of beekeeping and property knowledge. Our expert beekeeper, Kevin Wendt, has been keeping bees for over 30 years. With his building knowledge at the helm of Abacus Construction, and a full range of bee keeping and bee removal equipment, he can ensure that bees that have made their home in any property can be safely removed, with no harm to the bees or the property!

Our bee swarm removal cost is very competitive. Call us today on 01823 664509 or 07889 460500 for a quotatio.


Abacus Bee Rescue offers a wide range of services including:

  • Beekeeper bee removal
  • Swarming honeybee removal
  • Live honeybee and comb removal
  • Bee nest removal from roofs
  • Bee nest removal from chimneys
  • Bee nest removal from walls
  • Bee nest removal from trees

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